Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Micro spirituality


  The micro world is the world of angels and spirits... can we find proof/ dissproof?

Warning, this post is intended for a mature audience, viewer discretion is advised.

Where to start?  First, If you don't like doing textual research, this post is not for you.  If you do not like religion, this post is not for you.  If you do not like science, this post is not for you.  If you do not believe in speculation, this post is too, not for you.  Now, if you like science, you like religion, you like textual research and you enjoy speculation... please join me on a journey that I hope to last a long time.

in 1938, a year before WWII, the first electron microscope was piratically available.  For the first time in billions of years, and the first time in 6,000 years of human civilization Macro creatures were able to examine and see the tiny invisible world of the micro.  Things that were only theorized to exist, became visible and unquestionable.  

To me, this raises an interesting question.  What if, these things which we believe to be new, this new world of seemingly invisible creatures that surround us everywhere, are the same things which ancient civilizations labeled "The spiritual world"  A world within our world, that we can not experience, can not sense and until now could only dream about.

I'm insane, you must be thinking right about now.  However, there are few tidbits of Jewish thought once combined together in my mind in a small Flash of inspiration, and they are as follows.

1. In Jewish law, that which a  healthy person can not see on their own in good sunlight, is not considered to exist for purposes of determining if something is allowed or not allowed.  For example, if you swallow a microbe, you aren't breaking any laws against eating non-kosher animals.

2. The Rashba famously wrote, that the existence of angels is obvious and proven.  Take two magnetic stones and you can see them repel or attract each-other without any physical touch.

3. The Talmud writes, that clothing gets ruined and sickness comes from the thousands of demons that surround a person.  It also writes, that if you want to see a demon, be careful not to let it into for it can cause you harm.

4. The mystics say, that in the spiritual world, things are not close to each other in geographic distance, but rather by concept.  Many people like to compare the internet to a spiritual world, where websites are close to each other based on content and links, not by which server they happen to reside in.  However, this is also true with the world as a whole. Everything can be broken down into electrons, quarks, protons.  It is only the similarity in how they are constructed that creates the wonderful varied world that we live in.  We group the periodic table by type, not by the location in the earth's timeline, or in the geographic locations they can be found.

So my goal is as follows.  I'd like to collect all sorts of statements about Angels, spirituality, the world unknown to us, and see if there is a direct parallel in the Micro world that can only be viewed with electron microscopes or greater.  Quotes that support this thesis are not as interesting to me, as quotes which people believe disprove this thesis.  However, there is one caveat.  I will only accept quotes from before the 16th century.  After that time, there was already a political movement to separate religious ideas from general physical reality because of the superstitions from the Medieval period.  Meaning, this idea of mine is not really that new, and was rejected long before the most illogical scientific discovery ever... quantum mechanics.  So I wish to look at the old evidence in light of the new... not in light of the in-between states.



  1. Very interesting. I also couldn't ignore the parallel btw the many microbes that surround us and the many Mazikim. It's very interesting.

  2. I wish it was a topic of conversation where more arguments pro or against were made.

    Seems to be a neglected line of thought beyond the curious and interested :)