Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why blog?

   They say that blogs are dead and dieing. So why start now?

    Firstly, I don't agree.  I think the internet suffers from balkanization, and the more people stick to the social-web the less cross conversation there can be.  While there might be great cross conversation between geographical and cultural boundaries, it is limited in time and field of interest.

   I hope my blog can be a place where I don't have to compartmentalize my interests, nor limit the circle of people who interact.  If I'm ever able to attract the right readers, I hope I'll be able to some day read over an evolution of thought.

   Secondly, sometimes I have an idea I want to share, but no where to really share it.  In a blog, I can let my idea sit here in it's entirety.  Hoping and waiting for another to come by, read it, comment on it, and let it blossom.  Much like iterative code.