Tuesday, March 1, 2011

When Religion and Coding collide!

package inspired.flash.srp.angel

This is the type of idea that can get everyone angry at me.
For some reason, (ok, it's not really a mystery) people have a hard time following SRP.
I have been inspired by a sudden Flash of an idea to fix this problem.

Now, before I begin I must explain a simple concept in Jewish Mysticism:
  Some books about Judaism teach that the word מלך (Angel) is related to the work משלך (Messenger). From this connection (and a few other ideas) we are taught that an angel is only able to do one thing.

So, here is my suggestion.  Lets get rid of the names "Function" or "Method" and instead we should start programming Angels!  Our Angels can only do one thing, and we can anthropomorphize(sp?) our angels and teach new programmers that if we make a second angel do the same thing, or we force an angel to do more than one thing, then it will lose it's wings and become sad and perhaps even become a demon!  And one day, our beutiful angel will turn out to be our worst nightmare.

When you program angels, the SRP becomes obvious, and clean code becomes a necessity of cosmic importance!