Sunday, May 8, 2011

On the reasons why TV news is becoming irrelevant and should soon change*

       A few days ago Osama bin Laden was killed.  As I mentioned in other posts, my access to news right now is fairly limited.  (this is on purpose)  I was really curious about this whole dead Osama thing, and so I watched the news on T.V, for what I thought would be a couple hours to catch up on what is going on around the world. reactions, theories, facts etc.

I quickly realized two things...

1.  The press doesn't know how to listen to a press conference.  I knew from day one that Osama was unarmed by the way the guy giving the press conference said that Osama was "involved" in the firefight, stressing the fact that he was shot, and therefore "involved" (Obvious subtext to me anyways was that they shot first and asked questions later)
2.  The purpose of T.V. news really should change.  Anything "important" going on in the world, people will hear and know about with our without access to T.V. news.  With my self imposed limited access to news I learned about a royal wedding, Donald trump and crazy birth certificates, the tornadoes in Alabama and a bunch of other random things.

My inspired idea:
What I think T.V. news should focus on is in depth reporting on things nobody really knows about, or can easily get information about.  New bills being passed in government, Results from think-tank meetings that nobody wants to sit through and watch on C-span.  Studies done on government effectiveness etc  They seem to be able to cover sports news fairly well, telling me things I can't find out from glancing at the sports page, but seem to suck when it comes to politics or events that might actually affect my life..
Anyone know anybody that might be able to test this out and make T.V. something actually worth paying for, or T.V. news something worth spending more than 15 minute watching?

Next post...  More about news and media in relation to Flash, and the old Apple war.  But I must get off the train soon, so it will have to wait another day.

*Post title inspired by my current reading of Don Quixote


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